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Sunday, July 27, 2014

[Review] 10 days with LG's newest flagship - the G3

While I’m not ready to give my full review of the “latest and greatest” Android flagship to hit the market, I have spent 10 days now with the G3 as my daily driver.  So what you will be getting in this installment from the Two Tech Geeks is more like a first impressions and mini-review, with a little more in depth info to follow in the coming days.  But for now, sit down and hold on - you are about to be taken for a ride by one of the most powerful Android devices to hit all the major carriers in some time.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Coming soon...LG G3 review

Greetings fellow fun (and tech) seekers!

Just a quick note that I have laid my hands on the Verizon variant of LG's G3 superphone, and I'll have a few of my thoughts up in a detailed review soon.  I'm going to take the weekend to play around with it, but so far so good.  This is a big device, but those of you who like/love the G2 (and other 5"+ screen phones) will probably want to give the G3 a look.

Stay tuned for more news...